About Dark Design Graphics

What we do from Dark Design Graphics

What Is Dark Design Graphics

Dark Design Graphics is a small collection of traditional artists based in the North East of England and beyond. Dark Design Graphics began its journey back in 2012 when Alasdair, one day, decided to name a drawing on one of his earlier Time Lapse videos a ‘tattoo design’ setting the venture in motion. People began requesting Alasdair’s designs to be used for their own personal tattoos. It was at this moment that he was determined to learn all that he could about this area of art, he discovered that his art education had left out one of the largest, most enjoyable and down-to-earth sectors in the art world.

From this moment, Alasdair set out to carefully select and discover other professional artists who shared his passion about handcrafted designs. Dark Design Graphics now works personally with customers from all around the world.

The Work We Do

Dark Design Graphics is all about our unique artwork whether it is personalised custom tattoo designs, detailed Book Illustrations or a wedding Coat of Arms display. We pride ourselves on our cultural and custom, hand drawn and fully illustrated original artworks with designs for anything you can imagine.

What Makes Us Unique?

Each member of the Dark Design Graphics team are selected for their unique style, technique and creativity, from Alasdair’s tonal drawings to Jenn’s brilliantly detailed ink work and Chris’ incredibly atmospheric paintings. We pride ourselves on our approach, working on a personal one to one basis with all our clients; our aim is to keep working on the concepts until our clients are fully happy with their design.

Meet The Gang

Founder, Artist & Illustrator

“Tea runs in my veins.”

I love working with Pencils and Graphite. Almost anything can inspire me to draw, from a brilliant sunset to the completely random playlist of music that comes through my speakers.

Illustrator & Designer

“I LOVE the weird and the wonderful.”

My passion is detail! Anything out of the ordinary, unique or eye catching that has been portrayed in a beautiful and creative way.

Fine Artist & Illustrator

“Never the same day twice.”

What I love most about my job is the freedom to create powerful art that has personal meaning to the owner and revealing their varied dreams and vision on canvass.

Project Manager & Blogger

“I spot a wall, I just want to paint it.”

I’ve always been the one that enjoys learning how masterpieces are put together whether its my dinner or a one-off piece of art work.

“It honestly took about two years for me to fully conceive and develop the design in my head, and once I presented it to you, I was just blown away with the outcome. You seriously brought something so special to me, to life. This design has so much meaning behind it.”

Brennan Reese – A Personalised Coat Of Arms