Apr 102016
A Colour Coat of Arms Custom Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

From the outset, I was passionate about this project; My customer had granted me the freedom to create his full Colour Coat Of Arms in my own style after he felt at ease as soon as he had seen my previous work along with Alasdair’s. With inspiration from both our previous Coat of Arms designs as reference to illustrate the effects he liked from each one, then implementing these into his own unique idea.

Custom Colour Coat of Arms from Dark Design Graphics

“I’m extremely happy to have found the team at Dark Design Graphics, and thought that after talking to Alasdair, he found the perfect fit for my vision in Chris. I was very excited to find out I was going to be working with him. I had seen some of his work, and his design styles are very suited to my taste.”

Colour Coat of Arms Concept from Dark Design Graphics

As with most Coat Of Arms and Family Crest Designs, the main challenge is taking a conventional, medieval, heraldic design and giving it a face-lift without losing the traditional quality, and in its place create something distinctive and original with embellished features. So as you can imagine, this can be somewhat tricky from time to time.

“Chris was able to take the vision I had on paper and create an absolutely amazing work of art! My vision was to keep the fundamental basics of the original design, but to give it a custom, fresh remake, with a regal look, and very rich colours.”

Colour Coat of Arms Concept 02 from Dark Design Graphics

I set about this by putting the first concept together, along with the key elements stated in my customer’s brief and for the design to have a three-dimensional feel. After some feedback, various adjustments were required, removal of the sword and adding an additional scroll banner.

“I had asked Chris to focus the build around a newly styled shield that had a bit of a worn look to it. (I love the subtle discolouration of the shield rim, and the little areas of wear inside the shield itself) makes it look like it’s been sitting there for a while.”

Shield Family Crest Coat of Arms from Dark Design Graphics

“My original crest has a couple of floating banners with rampant lions. While I thought this was great, I wanted to have them more involved with the crest.”

Custom Coat of Arms painting from Dark Design Graphics

I embark on the final piece, using a fairly new approach I decided to tone the canvass, colouring to a kind of fleshy colour as a base. Stretching canvass on a wooden frame, and priming with gesso, sanding before taping the concept down and transferring the design, whilst creating the stencil we provide with every custom tattoo design.

Rampant Lion Colour Coat of Arms from Dark Design Graphics

“I had asked Chris to have the rampant lions standing alongside the shield, to feel like they are protecting it (and the family name). I wanted to have the mantling flow throughout the design, and in some places, growing in and around the shield and lions. The visual for this was to create the feeling of family protection. Chris nailed all these things perfectly!!”

Heraldic Colour Coat of Arms from Dark Design Graphics

This was a fun project using bold primary colours; I enjoyed painting it and I am looking forward to the planned extension into a full sleeve tattoo design with this as the centre piece. Working with my customer was awesome; I found the whole experience very easy going, he was in depth in all descriptions and quick with his feedback, with excellent ideas, which changed the design greatly. I think it would be fair to say that we were both genuinely passionate and energized for this full colour Coat Of Arms. We are already planning his next design!

Full Colour Coat of Arms Custom Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

“I can’t wait to work again with Chris. I’m in the process of working on ideas for the remainder of my sleeve, and can’t wait to see him bring it to life!
I’ll be booking again anytime now!”

So to be continued… 😉

Colour Coat of Arms Custom Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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