Oct 232012
Volkswagen Beetle Print - Now available www.darkdesigngraphics.com

‘My First Car’ – Volkswagen Beetle Print Now Available

This was one of my first fully complete illustrations using Adobe Illustrator along with my Mask design (article coming soon). I love VW Classic cars and lovingly took this one apart… …never to be put back together. But luckily I decided to do this vector Illustration before all that and now have it available and ready for print at the Dark Design Shop with free delivery till Christmas! This Open Edition VW Beetle print is available printed on high quality fine art paper, acid free providing a textured appearance for a top quality look.

Volkswagen Beetle Print - Now available http://darkdesigngraphics.mysupadupa.com/

This classic beetle print is one of my older illustrations designed following one of my favourite illustrator tutorials – Retro Car Vectors. This was also one of the first tutorials I did and although a lot has changed in Adobe Illustrator since doing this illustration, it is still one of the most useful tutorials and really helped me gain a better understanding of the techniques used in vector illustrations.

Get Your Beetle Print Here!

Volkswagen Beetle Print now available at http://darkdesigngraphics.mysupadupa.com/


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