Dec 122016
black & white skull tattoo design

Dark Design Graphics is very excited to welcome our new artist, Bojan, to the team. Some of you may have already had the chance to work with Bojan as his custom designs are not only causing quite a stir but bringing the darkness back to Dark Design Graphics! Muhahahaha!!


Anyway,  Bojan’s ink drawings show an intense dark atmosphere bringing a whole new depth to the Dark Design Team. Our Prince of darkness has two cats, Becky and Fluffy, along with  parrots named Cuki and ZuZu. Needless to say, this is a relationship that shouldn’t work but thankfully it does.

illustration for vinyl featuring 3 crows

Bojan mostly uses pointillism and line work with dark and mechanical pencils to create these brilliantly contrasting & detailed designs. Using mostly pigment liners and Copic Multiliner SP, but he tells us his favourite is the 0.03 to 0.4 tips size,  Apparently, it’s like “working with a needle tip! perfect for adding great deal.” You’ll get to see just how Bojan does this further on.

illustration from Dark Design Graphics woman with skull heads

For Bojan, drawing and music come hand in hand, rarely ever working in silence he finds that music can be an inspiration for an art piece. Makes you wonder what he was playing when making this piece!

Custom Illustration featuring a snake & skull design

When Bojan began his journey as an artist his work was very different to what it is now.  He did not have plans for a career as an artist or illustrator, in fact, he later went on to study to be an Electronic technician.

“I never stopped drawing no matter the circumstances and the life choices I made, all that led for me to become a full-time artist – illustrator and make a living out of it.”

Bojan has many diplomas and various awards and medals for his illustration but mentioned his biggest achievement was when he won 1st place in a contest for a painting related to Flora and fauna his painting was extremely colourful which as you can see is not his usual style.

Custom Design from Dark Design Graphics skulls woman with horns

Bojan developed an interest in tattoo designs at a period when not many people had access to the internet, so he set off collecting as many tattoo magazines as he could find, it didn’t take him long to start working on his own designs, later showing it to his neighbourhood friends…

Custom design from Dark Design Graphics Male and female embrace kiss

It wasn’t long before they attempted to tattoo themselves!  You can imagine the shock 😉 he later reassured me that he would buy transfer paper, redraw his design with blue and red pencil, add soap to his friend’s skin and transfer the design. He did this for a while and recalls only charging one euro per “tattoo”. Quite the young entrepreneur.

Custom Tattoo Design for a half sleeve Coat of Arms

“Can’t say that I learned everything I know by myself, but mostly I’m self-taught, even today I’m eager to try new techniques and do my best in those certain techniques.”

Woman with a Native Indian headdress tattoo design

“When I decide to be great in something, I just practice and practice till it’s perfect in my eyes, and I have high criteria for quality when it comes to my work, nothing mediocre is acceptable. Being a perfectionist by nature, I either create pieces that when clients see it, they go WOW or don’t create at all.”

Skull illustration from Dark Design Graphics

Musical Illustration from Dark Design Graphics

Skull design from Dark Design Graphics

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