Feb 012012

Creating a Business Brand

Seotiras is an Internet Marketing Agency in Cyprus with a mission to optimize websites for greater exposure. As most of you will probably know SEO is a highly competitive market and the brief we received aimed to create a modern visual brand that would represent their company tagline ‘Website Saviours’.

Seotiras Logo Concepts

Visual Identity

‘The word sotiras in Greek means saviour, so with a little word play – sotiras – seotiras’.
Our idea was to incorporate the imagery of saviour into the visual design whilst keeping a modern feel, after some initial ideas we agreed on the use of the sun to replace the ‘O’ in ‘SEO’, this is to represent growth and a positive feel for the companies branding.

Seotiras Logo Concept

Drawing inspiration from the saviour idea and trying hard to not end up with too much of a religious logo, we decided to add a halo to the design. The halo creates an expressive and bright design that gives the brand an optimistic feel and an edge to the companies visual identity.

Seotiras Logo Concept

A few minor adjustments, a change of colours and styling and we have the final design! Check it below or on the SEO Agency Website.

Dark Design Graphics really captured this idea. This is basically our mission: To save websites. People spend lots of money to build good (or sometimes bad) websites, but they don’t think much about their online presence. They don’t understand that there are millions other websites out there and so they need a way to enhance their online presence. So we are here to help them stand out from the crowd.

Seotiras Logo Design

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