Feb 122013
Spartan Logo Design

After noticing our recent Warrior Crest Tattoo Design we were commissioned to create a Spartan Helmet Logo Design to be used for T-Shirts, apparel and profile pictures. The Champion HQ is a Youtube Channel dedicated to computer game videos, tutorials, how to’s, funny clips and informational videos.

A few years ago I decided to turn my gaming hobby into something a bit more productive. Ever since, I have striven to make my channel pleasing to all kinds of gamers. I am open to any new game or suggestions and I always try my best to make quality videos.

 Spartan Helmet Logo Concept Design from Dark Design Graphics

Digital Concepts

In my previous article how to design a logo I explained how I always create sketches for my concepts and ideas. But as I already knew the basic layout of this Spartan Helmet Logo from the previous tattoo design I only needed the one rough sketch before I began working on concepts Digitally. The benefit of creating digital concepts is the simplicity when it comes to making changes and edits, essentially when working on a concept using programs such as Adobe Illustrator you are already working on the final design.

Spartan Logo Design Helmet from Dark Design Graphics

A Spartan Helmet Logo Design

When creating a logo design for apparel and T-Shirts one thing to keep in mind is how the design is going to be printed. The actual design needs to be suitable for printing depending on the technique used. With this project the print process had not been decided on so I created a design that would fit all print techniques and was versatile enough to be printed with a limited colour palette.

I came to Dark Design Graphics after seeing what he could do on a YouTube video that he posted. All I needed was some form of logo / emblem that my channel could go by. After we discussed what the emblem should be based off of he got to work right away. During the time that the logo was being designed he kept me well informed on the progress that was being made, always making sure that I was pleased with what he had come up with. In the end I could not be happier with what I received from Dark Design Graphics. The quality was truly outstanding and I would recommend them to anyone needing designer graphics.

Spartan Helmet Logo Design

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