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Custom Half Sleeve Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

This Warrior Custom Half Sleeve Tattoo Design has so much meaning to my customer I would not even know where to start. From the bible quote designed to fit under the arm to the dark shadow characters trying to pull the warrior down. This is one of those designs that is frankly best left to the customer to explain the story behind it.


Time! I’ve lost over half of my life trying to fight the demons off of me. At the age of 18, 2,000 miles from home, no family, some friends, and then before I even knew it, my life was changed, forever. To this day, only my family, close friends and my therapists understand and know why. Over night, I was no longer that loving, caring, naïve, strong willed person everyone knew and loved to be around.

From Darkness Custom Half Sleeve Tattoo Design first concept

Through a series of events, I became a loner, penned myself up inside, I wouldn’t let anyone get close to me or even love me. As I ventured home, my family and close friends all knew something wasn’t right. Who was I? Who did I become? Where is my son, brother, friend? I started to drink too much, use drugs, and placed myself into a reckless downward spiral. Eventually, there was no one! My parents and brothers were all but done with me. But that was a straw that at anytime could be broken. All of my friends were lost due to the change in my behavior, due to the fact that their friend they once knew was lost.

From Darkness custom half Sleeve warrior tattoo

Close to 20 years later, I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror. Who am I, where did this animal come from, I am better than this, I need to be loved, and I wanted to have great friends… I virtually had no relationship with my brothers, my parents and I spoke, barely, I had no relationship with my children, they didn’t want to be anywhere around me, and my marriage was in shambles and about done.

If it wasn’t for my wife, the truly beautiful person she is, put it out there. Get help, talk to someone, and deal with my own life’s tragedies. Here I go, open up, how, but I knew I had to find a way or I was out, on the street, with no one! This isn’t who I was; I won’t let this person be me anymore!

From Darkness Custom Half Sleeve Second Concept

Number one, be honest with myself. Open up to my wife, let her in. I was finally ready to fight my demons. God knows that I wasn’t alone. I needed to let myself see this. I had to open my eyes and see who was still there standing in the path of ruin I left behind me. I wanted my children to love their father and look up to them! I wanted to be able to let it all go and love again, be loved, have and keep true friendships. I know that I have lost many of my friends through all of my strife. But I knew there were pieces out there that I, myself, had to mend.

From Darkness Custom Half Sleeve Tattoo Concept 03

Two long hard years later, here I am writing this for anyone to see. Allow myself be vulnerable, again! Through the therapy, medications, and the most important part, the love and support from my wife, children, parents, brothers, sister-in-laws, and my friends I am finally on the road to be that person that I lost in myself 20 years ago. It is still very difficult to discuss what happened to me, but I’m healing, making the step forward, sober, and I’m allowing myself to be me.

From Darkness Custom Half Sleeve Warrior Tattoo Concept

Then, one day, after multiple times discussing this tattoo idea with my wife, who is very artistic, my tattooist, and having my own thoughts and visions about a tattoo to always allow me to remember the time I lost, and the continued fight I have with these demons every day then, I happen-chanced onto this awe-inspiring website, Dark Designs Graphics. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Wednesday morning and I was at work. I decided to click the contact us link. I sent Alasdair an email explaining to him what happened and what I wanted to have drawn up. In my mind, I thought “well I never hear back from this Alasdair”, I thought some secretary or automated return email would be generated and sent back to me.

Bible Quote Tattoo Design

In a million years, I never would have expected him to reply to me himself. He replied to me… I knew he was the artist who was able to help me and have the talent to sketch what I needed sketched. His email was paragraphs long, full of excitement, explained the whole booking process (with no pressure) if I so chose to do. I replied to the email after I talked to my wife and she said to go for it. Here I am now, 8 months after I sent that email that I thought I’d never get a return. Alasdair is truly an artist, a professional, and it is completely emulating from his website, his portfolio, and the person he is.

Custom Half Sleeve Warrior Tattoo Design

I can’t thank Alasdair enough for this tattoo. This tattoo reminds me that the time is behind me, which is why the clock is behind the spirit that’s inside of me. You can only see part of the clock, because I won’t let all the time I have here on earth pass me bye. I continually fight demons every day. Though, I am winning this battle against all of the demons I have buried so deeply inside, however, I know full well that my fight isn’t done. I have had the help through reading scripture. That is why I have the scripture written; “Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. Ephesians 6: 10-18”. The tattoo will always be a reminder of where I have been and how I’ve got to where I am now.

Custom Half Sleeve Pocket Watch Tattoo Design

By every account, Alasdair and Dark Design Graphics, is your go-to if you want to have your vision put on paper. Have your vision put ink into your skin. Alasdair sent me the finished design and my draw dropped. He emailed me and asked me what I thought. I replied back to him, mind you I’m in the USA and he is in the UK, that “wow, I can’t put it into words, but I’ll get back to him.” I am totally blown away that what I envisioned he captured! Thank you Alasdair and Dark Design Graphics! My next tattoo design and everyone thereafter, will always be designed by Alasdair! I will be a customer for life.

Custom Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Custom Half Sleeve Warrior Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Custom Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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