Jun 182013
Guardian Angel Tattoo Design

I have mentioned many times while writing up these tattoo design projects that learning the true meaning behind my customers brief really adds an extra dimension to the task. This Guardian Angel Tattoo Design was no exception and provided a tremendously exciting project to get stuck into.

A Good Design Brief

After reading Creating A Half Sleeve Tattoo my client came back to me with a really detailed brief explaining all the concepts he had, the reasons why he wanted them and what he really wanted to get across in his custom tattoo design.

The idea can best be defined as the need to live your life fully without fear

The main feature in this design was to be a Guardian Angel, the Angel that you can see in the design is based roughly on a reference image the customer gave me. Often when customers come to me with a list of features the main job for me is to arrange the features in a way that is pleasing to the eye. In this case the features where arranged to work with my customers ideas on Good Vs. Evil, this idea was mentioned a few times in the brief and something that really helped me plan the composition.

Guardian Angel Tattoo Design Concept

Good Versus Evil

The thing that really struck me with this design is what some people might consider a bad influence can be a very positive feature for others. In this case the idea of using dice and cards as a gambling reference.

depicting the need to live your life/roll the dice

Often considered a real vice to a lot of people the reasons behind having these features depicted on the ‘good’ side really struck a chord with me and provided great inspiration when planning how they should fit into the design.

Playing Cards Gambling Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

A Guardian Angel Tattoo Design

One of the other main features included in this design is the large Skull behind the Guardian Angel. Once again I used my awesome free Human Skull Reference Images from Media Militia to design a detailed and effective looking skull.

the Angel image could be contrasted alongside a skull to depict the fragility of life

Guardian Angel Tattoo Design concepts from Dark Design Graphics

Guardian Angel Tattoo Finished Design

Massively recommend these guys. Managed to visualise the ideas spinning around my head (never an easy thing) without any fuss. Whole process was seamless and I now have a great design that has made talking to an artist about the final tattoo simple. I will be back for more inspiration! Cheers mate.

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  2 Responses to “A Guardian Angel Tattoo Design – Good Versus Evil”

  1. hello, ha long I’ve been looking for a good art related to angels to make a tattoo on my back, was always saddened by the drawings that I saw until I find these works of art, I would have one of these tattooed on me …
    this one in particular pleased me
    I wonder if you disponibiliazam drawing is necesssary for free or pay anything.
    I thank you for your attention and I congratulate the excellent drawings.

    • Hi Rafael, unfortunately this design is not for resale. Please take a look at my custom tattoo quote form and get back to me with your idea and I am sure I will be able to come up with something for you.

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