Aug 122013
A Family of Angels Custom Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Angels And Cherubs Custom Tattoo Design

To say this custom tattoo design is ‘deep and meaningful’ is an understatement. The thought process that went into this family of angels and cherubs tattoo idea only really dawned on me as I was completing the final drawing. If you have read even half of my previous Tattoo Design write ups such as A Warrior Crest Tattoo or A Guardian Angel – Good Vs. Evil you would know that there is nothing better for an illustrator such as myself than knowing the meaning behind your design.

A Family Of Angels

The aim of this tattoo design was to create my customers family in the form of Angels and Cherubs. What really makes this family of angels tattoo design stand out is that each carefully considered pose or action represents what that family member means to my customer. Take a look at each intricate detail of this design, from the way the Angels Wings overlap to the doves looking over the Cherubs. And to top it all off a beautiful quote –

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow,
it empties today of its strength.

Angels And Cherubs Tattoo Concept from Dark Design Graphics

Comic Book Style Art

When learning about what my customers want I always ask if they have any reference images or sketches that can help me to understand their concept. One of the images I was given immediately made me think of comic book style artwork. There is a huge misunderstanding when it comes to this style of drawing that often people associate comic book art with childrens drawings. Instead of explaining the technique to my customer I immediately started referencing comic book style drawing which lead to a misunderstanding of the best way to proceed. After explaining what I meant, using a fine liner pen to outline the features and characters and shading with pencil to create the tone and shade, we both realised we were on the same page and I learnt not to use generic terms to describe a detailed technique!

Angels and Cherubs Tattoo Design Concept from Dark Design Graphics

Angels And Cherubs Tattoo Design

With our misunderstanding cleared up all that was left was to start the final drawing using my ‘comic book style technique’. This is the first time I have used this style in a tattoo design and I was really happy with how it turned out. After doing so many designs with detailed angel wings it was a relief to finally try a new technique and find something that really worked.

THAT IS ONE SICK DRAWING/TATTOO !!!!!!!!!!!! hope you don’t mind my choice of words here,but its f**king awesome !!! i cant stop looking at it taking in all the detail !! i am over the moon this is what i have been looking for, for over 5 years !! you have brought it too life! I love the scroll and its shading etc.

Angel and Cherub Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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  1. can you send this image to my e-mail

    • Hello Lucas, thank you for getting in touch and my apologies for the late reply. Unfortunately this design is not for sale and is created as a personal design for my customer. With that in mind please do go through our custom Tattoo Design quote form – – With your ideas for your own personal design and I am sure we can create a unique design for you with this one as inspiration!

  2. It´s beautiful…can i have the full image please

  3. Is it possible to download the full image?

  4. …………. and i cant stop looking at it here right beside me !!! Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant !

    Thank You !

    PS- you have mail ;0)

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