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Female Angels & lilies Tattoo Design

As I love drawing flowers at any given opportunity it was no surprise that I leapt at the chance of doing this Angels & Lilies Tattoo design!  But more than that I was creating this design to extend two of my customer’s previous unconnected tattoos.  The plan was to link an existing tattoo of a cherub and a Lilly. Sometimes linking to previous artwork can be very difficult but after reading the brief my customer gave me, this was definitely a task I was ready to meet head on!

Research & Figure Drawing

I had to think about it with extra care as the theme and style were almost already set, the challenge was to implement my own style without it becoming too distinctive, after all, I wanted nothing more than to bring these once unconnected features and make them seem as if there was always a seamless harmony.

“My design was based around two tattoos I already have and ultimately my family. I already had a lily and a cherub, both representing my mum and which I wanted to merge in some way.”

Angel & lily tattoo concept

Although I knew I had to exercise a level of caution with the way I went about this design, I found myself desperately wanting to escape the traditional renaissance style of Angels and Demons. Doing this meant brushing up on some old figure drawing techniques that I hadn’t used since my college days.

Angels & lily tattoo concept

“My family Coat of Arms means ‘brave in difficulty’ which I wanted to represent in an almost ‘good v evil’ way so came up with the idea to have a fallen angel to tie in with my cherub and add some more lily’s throughout. My brief to Dark Designs was very loose!”

My biggest challenge in all of this was finding the right reference material, more often than not I found myself looking endlessly at Demons and Masculine Angels, kneeling on the floors of Hell or some bloodied battlefield, I had to change this interpretation and to get to work! Thinking outside the box was a must.

lily tattoo concept

I began searching choreography and the arts of gymnasts, it was in trampolining that I was finally able to capture the movement of falling through the air, in studying this further I could see how the facial expressions changed, along with the direction of the hair movement and fabric.

Female Angel & Lily tattoo

Lilies Tattoo Design

As you may have seen in many of my previous design such as the Larkspur flowers and pocket watch tattoo design, and my first picture blog from when I  began working at Dark Design Graphics, drawing flowers is one of my many strong points. So I was confident in moving forward with the lilies, with many reference images at hand. In this case, however, I had a real Lilly at hand sitting at my desk enabling me to draw easily from various angles and catch the many different shades of light as the day went by.

Lily tattoo design

“The service provided by Dark Design Graphics was great. My requests for initial information were replied to by Maria without delay and clear communication was maintained throughout the process so that I always knew what was happening. Great Customer service!”

Lilies and angels tattoo design

Fallen Angel

For me personally, it is the falling Angel that is the most eye-catching. I love the way the fabric wraps and flows around her. I really wanted to give the impression that she was falling, I find it quite mesmerising…

It is a part of the design that people would notice but also take for granted, it can quickly become very tricky to capture the flow of fabric and one falls through the air took quite a few goes to get it looking just so.

Fallen Angels & lilies tattoo

Female Angels & lilies

Creating an Angels & Lilies Tattoo design

It was such an experience working alongside my customer on this Angels & Lilies Tattoo design. She was very enthusiastic and passionate which made working with her so exciting. Her level of trust in me made this piece the most enjoyable to work on.

“Jenn did amazingly! I can’t quite believe how beautiful my design is based on what little I gave Jenn to start with – but it’s almost as though she read my mind! It’s better than I imagined and now can’t wait to get this done! I just hope I find a tattoo artist good enough to do Jenn’s amazing design justice!”

Full Back Tattoo Design of Angels & lilies

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