Apr 122015
Beautiful Angel Custom Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Angel Tattoo Designs

Anyone who works in the tattoo business knows all about Angel Tattoo Designs. Angels must be one of the most popular features in custom tattoos these days with this being the first of three write ups of three consecutive custom Angel Tattoo Designs from Dark Design Graphics. This design was definitely going to be an enjoyable one with my customer giving me a very simple explanation of a beautiful and elegant guardian angel in the clouds with a brilliant quote.

A Beautiful Angel

One thing about doing custom Angel tattoo designs is you are often left to decide what the Angel will look like. When doing these designs I never like to make the characters face too detailed as at the end of the day the customer will end up having someone else’s face tattooed onto their arm. I try to make the faces quite generic without too much character but also trying to show the qualities the customer wanted. In this case my customer just wanted the beauty of the Angel emphasised so I decided to give her a very simple, strong but elegant face.

Beautiful Angel Concept Sketch from Dark Design Graphics

The body on the other hand can be as detailed and expressive as need be. In this case my customer just wanted the Angel to look beautiful and I decided to go with a really expressive and feminine pose. I went with the fully naked angel for the first concept and tested out a clothed concept for the next which my customer preferred.

Being able to draw figures is incredibly important when doing these custom tattoo designs, it is not easy to create a human figure from your imagination so in this case I looked to Deviant Art for reference images and found a brilliant collection of reference images from ArtistsReferenceSource that fitted what I wanted perfectly.

Elegant Angel Tattoo Concept from Dark Design Graphics

Angel Wings Tattoo Design

When doing these designs I am always trying to improve with each drawing I create. In this case something I really wanted to work on was the wings and feathers of the angel. There is a very fine line between creating a detailed custom tattoo design and designing something that is just far too detailed to even tattoo. I have found though a lot of tattoo artists actually prefer to work from the stencil we provide with each design. With this being the case it actually allows me to really go into detail within those guidelines, at the end of the day the tattoo artist will know best how to approach each texture, tone or detailing.

This design was the first of me testing out a new way of doing the feathers and I really thought this worked well and was a nice change to previous designs. I really went into detail on each feather (yes it took me ages!) and, I think, came up with some really brilliant looking angel wings.

Angel Tattoo Design Feathers from Dark Design Graphics

Tattoo Composition

Drawing a beautiful Angel is as much about creating an inspiring composition as it is about making the actual character beautiful. When creating custom tattoo designs you also need to think about how the design will look on whichever part of the body it is going to be tattooed. In this case the design is for a wrap around, upper half sleeve, with the simplicity of the request I really wanted to make this a beautiful design to work with. The idea is that the Angel will sit centred on the outer face of the arm, the wings and detailed feathers will wrap around until they are almost interlocking at the back and the clouds will fill the spaces in between.

“In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths”

I decided to wrap the brilliant quote that my customer chose around the Angel so that it did not confuse the eye by going around to the back of the arm. This way it can be read straight from the front. I think it also added to the aesthetics of the composition to really give that beautiful and aesthetically pleasing feel.

Angel Tattoo Quote from Dark Design Graphics

Designing A Beautiful Angel

As you can probably tell by my long write up of this project, I really found this a joy to work on. What really made it stand out from the other custom tattoo designs is the simplicity of the request, I am often asked to fit so many features in a design that I end up telling my customer that even if I manage to draw this it will be very hard to find someone who will do the tattoo. With this Angel tattoo design my customer gave me the basics of what he wanted and left a lot of the composition and design choices up to me.

Beautiful Angel Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Beautiful Angel Custom Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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