Nov 202016
Bookworm tattoo design main image

In this Bookworm tattoo design, we explore and submerge ourselves into another world, a world of the greatly adored books of our customer. We identify with the characters of the books, from the fantasy novels Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling to the bazaar environment created in the Discworld series.

Through Chris’ artwork we are able to immerse ourselves into the imaginations of our customer’s ideas. Here you will see references from many world-famous books such as The Lord of The Rings, Alice in wonderland, Game of Thrones and Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and so much more. Explore and you may even see a few of your own favourites in there!

Bookworm tattoo design Harry Potter

Creating A Custom Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

I will never forget the first time I read this brief, I had to read then re-read as it seemed at first fantastically intimidating and very thought provoking due to the sheer number of references requested. My customers vision of combining all of her favourite elements from her greatly loved books.

“I chose a tattoo inspired by my favourite books and book series. I can’t imagine a life without books, and I love getting to live a thousand different lives through the eyes of the characters I love.”

Bookworm Tattoo Lord of The Rings

Book Characters

I guess the challenge was on! My mission was to somehow fit all of these elements into a half sleeve tattoo design without overcrowding this piece all the while keeping an attractive flow. This was achieved by much brainstorming and many hours of research into the various reference images for each and every book. It was important to truly capture and understand the meaning behind each symbol.

“The amount of literary fan-art and awesome tattoo artists out there gave me hope and inspiration in plenty. The real problem was deciding what elements I wanted when there is so much to choose from.”

Guardian of the galaxy bookworm tattoo design

How A Bookworm Tattoo Design is Created

This bookworm tattoo design was to be created using only black and grey colours, in order to create a low-key mood, nothing too dark with soft finishing. My best approach would be to use a mixture of techniques and drawing materials for this illustration, I decided to use Biro pen to draw out the illustration as an under-painting over stretched, gessoed then sanded canvas. I applied tones of greys for highlights, refining the piece with paint markers, inks and a touch of the pencil before signing off on this design.

Golden Snitch Bookworm tattoo design

For me personally, I enjoyed creating the contrasting textures with the glowing white furs of the Wolf against the dark blacks of the crow feathers finishing it off nicely with the smooth gold polished encrypted ring of power.

Game of Thrones tattoo design wolf and crow

“I am really satisfied with both Dark Design Graphic and with Chris and his work on my tattoo. He really went all in and made parts of my idea more amazing than I thought possible.”

Custom bookworm tattoo design

“The communication between me as a customer and Dark Design Graphic before, during and after the design was complete, was great. It really made me relax. My tattoo was in good hands.”

It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside my customer with the help of her specific descriptions and visions. Her prompt and encouraging feedback allowed this custom tattoo design project to run smoothly with only a few small edits. This has been a challenge that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Custom Bookworm Tattoo Design

“The final work is hanging on my bedroom wall, just so I can look at it every day! Thank you so much! ~ Kim” 

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