Mar 172014
Pirate Ship & Mermaids Full Sleeve Tattoo Design

Creating a full sleeve tattoo is quite a long and challenging process. From thinking about the layout of the design and how it will wrap around the arm to what feature the customer wants to have in which particular place. Fortunately my customer for this Pirate Ship and Mermaids full sleeve tattoo design was quite willing to let me arrange the layout and with his feedback it turned into a really enjoyable project.

Finding Tattoo Design Resources

Having already completed a custom Pirate Ship Tattoo Design previously, I already had a huge folder of reference images of tall ships and pirate type things. But for the Mermaids I went back to a great resource for artists After finding the positions I liked and ones that would fit into the design well it was all about turning these beautiful women into mermaids.

Mermaids full sleeve tattoo design concept

Creating A Full Sleeve Tattoo

When creating a full sleeve tattoo design the main part is working out how the features will fit on to the clients arm. After getting very specific measurements I need to create the layout of each feature. It is actually very difficult to predict how the full sleeve tattoo design will align correctly so a lot of the time my aim to is to create a layout that my customer likes which they can then show to the tattooist. At the end of the day the tattooist will know best how to bring the design together.

Full Sleeve Tattoo Design Layout from Dark Design Graphics

Creating A Tattoo Stencil

Probably more important than the final fully shaded design is the outline layout. With this the tattooist can take each feature separately and place them exactly where the customer wants with the background being the filler that finishes spaces and gaps.

Pirate Ship & Mermaid Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Those few changes have really made the design. I am 100% happy with it.

Mermaids & Compass Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Full Sleeve Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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