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Header Image Pocket Watch Dotwork Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

This piece has really allowed me to go all full out with my style. Dotwork tattoo galore! Which I have not done for a while especially at this size in all my dotwork tattoo designs, otherwise known as stippling. This technique can take much longer than other methods that I use, but I feel like it was worth it and it gives the piece a entirely new level of detail.

“Originally, I didn’t really have an idea for a tattoo. I knew I wanted to have one done, but I also knew that I would hate myself for getting something stupid and half-way done. So I stumbled upon Dark Design Graphics on YouTube and was blown away by the work, I wanted Alasdair to work on the project but then Jenn came along and showed interest. She asked if she could do it and I said yes, and what a choice that was!”

Half Sleeve First Concept Dotwork Tattoo Design Cards and Dice from Dark Design Graphics

A Splash Of Red

The most challenging part of this piece was the fact that there are so many different elements, my customer wanted all the features to share the same significance and to not have one positioned over the other, this was in order to create the sense of equality. The open book is used as a symbol of wisdom, the light tower Indicates guidance and the balance we search for as we make this journey through life.

My task was to bring this all together, it is often so easy to just focus on one part of a piece of art but I feel like I have managed to achieve a way of making sure that the half sleeve tattoo design is looked at as a whole.

“I didn’t make her job easy, that’s for sure. I told her only a few things that I wanted, but it was up to her to draw it and to make it all come together, and she sure did deliver. I am so happy with how this came out.”

Half Sleeve Dotwork Tattoo Design Work In Progress Featuring a Lighthouse and Pocket Watch from Dark Design Graphics

Dotwork in abundance!

This design is deeply personal to my customer, it was essential to capture the depth and meaning to his piece; I realized that the only way to make the dotwork tattoo design come together was to have a continuous background linking all of the pieces as one. I believe the small elements of red along with the stippling, really capture the eyes, this purposeful technique allows us to scan the whole piece rather than just a few areas.

Custom Tattoo Design Half Sleeve Dotwork Lighthouse work in Progress close up stippling from Dark Design Graphics

“It is amazing how Jenn took only a few objects I had in mind and made it all come together beautifully. I can only advice potential customers to trust these guys, and Jenn in particular is so kind and talented. I would definitely recommend these guys – without a doubt.”

Dotwork Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Completed project close up stippling work of a Pocket Watch brought to you by Dark Design Graphics

A Closer Look

This design is quite unique, with its symbolism that would almost defiantly be overlooked at first glance, behind each feature created is deep routed meaning, the Queen and king of hearts together with the dice are to symbolizes love and how it coincides with a roll of the dice.

Custom Half Sleeve Dotwork Tattoo Design with immense stippling details on a book from Dark Design Graphics

At a quick glance, you may assume that it is a typical pocket watch, but if we look further still, you will see three main minute hands. These were to symbolize different birth times of various people in my customers family,  I find this piece more enchanting the closer I look at it. The use of a dotwork method gives this a very intricate and elegant appearance.

Timelapsing A Dotwork Tattoo

This is the first project where I have timelapsed from start to finish.  It was interesting as I have never done anything like this before, but once I got the hang of it, I loved it! It is a surreal experience watching your artwork come together from start to finish in a few minutes! It is mesmerizing.

Half Sleeve Custom Tattoo Design including amazing Dotwork detailing continuously onto King and Queen of hearts Card and Dice brought to you from Dark Design Graphics

“If you are looking to have you own design made for a tattoo, even if you have no clue how it should look, contact Dark Design Graphics as I did. And I am confident that before long, you will sit with a real piece of art in your hands, knowing that you are looking at something made specifically and only for you.”

Half Sleeve Tattoo Design Final Image of Dotwork drawing complete with Lighthouse Book Pocket Watch Cards and Dice from Dark Design Graphics

“They were so helpful with payment, currency and so on. Everything just went smoothly and I never had any questions they didn’t answer right away. All I fear now is that I can’t find a tattooist that can do this design justice.”

Alexander, Denmark

Tattoo Design Half Sleeve Final Image Dotwork drawing complete with Lighthouse Book Pocket Watch Cards and Dice from Dark Design Graphics

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