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Warrior Angel Dragon tattoo design

A battle weary warrior, a beautiful angel and a dark oppressive dragon tattoo design. This was definitely going to be one of my more interesting illustrations. But what really made this custom tattoo design stand out so much was the story my customer told me behind it. A US Military veteran who asked for this design to represent the sacrifices he has made throughout his life.

Warrior, Angel and Dragon Tattoo Time Lapse

A Dragon Tattoo Design

There must be hundreds of different articles and posts explaining the meaning behind dragon tattoos from being a symbol of satanic evil to being a protector or defender of the person wearing it. I actually prefer for my customer to come up with their own meaning. In this case my customer never explained the meaning of the dragon in the background to me but from his initial brief I already had a good idea of what it would represent.

I’m sure I will continue to battle the demons in my head long after the war in Afghanistan is over.

I decided to create a serpent style dragon with an evil look, its body twisting around the battle weary warrior. The dragons tongue is slithering out almost whispering to the warrior and its sharp claws dig into his shoulder and leg in a show of control.

Battle Weary Warrior tattoo design concept

A Battle Weary Warrior

Warrior tattoo designs are hugely popular and can be really enjoyable to design. But what I really liked about this one is the ‘battle weary’ effect my customer wanted the character to show. I created this by showing the Warrior hanging his head and resting his sword on his shoulders as if tired from fighting. The long white hair and beard is a reference to how long the Warrior has been fighting and his tired but expressionless face is meant to show what this has done to him.

Battle Weary Warrior tattoo design Sketch

I would like to get a tattoo that will forever remind me of the sacrifices I’ve made during my life.

Angel Tattoo Design

Drawing A Beautiful Angel Tattoo

Originally the Angel was going to be kneeling towards the Warrior praying over a bible but we decided with the pile of skulls by his foot this was going to make this area of the tattoo design far too detailed. We decided to go with a beautiful angel sitting at his side showing how his wife has supported him throughout his life. Once again I used for reference photos for this angel and I think this image worked out perfectly.

This was designed to give the impression that the Warrior had two paths, with a pile of skulls by his left foot and a beautiful angel pointing the other way in front of his right foot.

Angel Tattoo Design Sketch

The idea is that my wife has always been by my side… Being an angel says enough.

Angel Warrior and Dragon Tattoo Design

A Battle Weary Warrior, A Beautiful Angel and An Oppressive Dragon Tattoo Design

What makes this tattoo design so interesting is the unique story behind it. My customer is a US Military veteran who has served for 27 years before being injured in Afghanistan by an enemy IED. I often find that people who dismiss tattoos out of hand have not even tried to learn the meaning behind them. At first glance this Warrior, Angel and Dragon tattoo design may mean nothing to anyone. Take another look and you could probably start reading hidden meanings in the design yourself. But take the time to learn the real meaning behind this custom tattoo design and you will see this drawing in a whole new light.

Angel Warrior and Dragon Custom Tattoo Design

Angel and Weary Warrior Dragon Tattoo Design

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