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Family Coat of Arms Tattoo Design

Merkley Family Coat of Arms – Part 2

With countless custom coat of arms requests coming into Dark Design Graphics ever since the original McGinnis Family Coat of Arms it has actually been difficult to even get a chance to do these write ups. With this custom tattoo design, my customer really left it up to me to redesign his family coat of arms and I thought it was about time to update the family coat of arms series!

 Revamping A Family Coat of Arms

As with most of the Coat of Arms requests my customer wanted to take his original family motif, revmap it and just generally give it a good make over. It is actually very easy to find your family Coat of Arms on Websites such as House of Names but often the designs, heraldic symbols and family crests tend to look a bit dull and flat. My customer gave me some great ideas and reference images but also explaining that I had free creative license with this design.

Family Coat of Arms Mantling

Coat of Arms Mantling

The mantling around the Coat of Arms is traditionally meant to represent the protective cloth worn by knights around the helmet. But it is also often the main part left to the artists creativity and usually done for decorative purposes. Which is why this is easily the most enjoyable part to design. In this case it was actually me who took my first concept back and continued redesigning the mantling because I just was not happy with it. My method to create this ornate detailing is simply keep redrawing it over the lightbox. Each sketch gets better as I fix the parts I am not happy with with and neater as I clean up the rough line work.

That looks great and if your not happy with it by all means change what you think would make it look better.

Family Coat of Arms Concpets

Coat Of Arms Symbols

Each and every different symbol in Coat of Arms heraldry has its own specific meaning, so when redesigning and updating the look of a family coat of arms you need to be careful not to change the whole meaning behind it.

In this case I decided to give the Fleur-de-lis the full shield and bring the feather out of the shield to give both coat of arms symbols more room for details. It happened to be a friends idea to have the feather sitting in the fold of the banner which I think really worked well.

Family Coat of Arms Tattoo Stencil

That is an amazing design I love it. I don’t mind the delay when the results look like that!

Merkley Family Coat of Arms from Dark Design Graphics

My Own Family Coat Of Arms

With requests coming in left, right and centre for custom Coat of Arms tattoo designs our waiting list is now huge. So for those of you who can not wait we are now selling a hand drawn high resolution coat of arms tattoo template download. Designed to be ready to ink for any tattoo artist the download comes with a perfectly matching stencil and can be printed any size to fit wherever you want. Check out the ready to go Coat of Arms template and add your own family coat of arms symbols.

Merkley Family Coat of Arms from Dark Design Graphics
Merkley Coat of Arms Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics
Merkley Coat of Arms Tattoo Design and Stencil from Dark Design Graphics

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  1. An incredible looking design, I would love to have my Coat of Arms completed like this, how do I go about getting one created for myself?

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