Dec 202016
Full Sleeve Cover Up Tattoo Design

This full sleeve, cover up tattoo design is a one heavily based on the beliefs and theories of our customer and man was it a trip we enjoyed! Throughout this blog Chris and his customer will talk us through how this unique custom tattoo design was created, through many studies of our ancient histories it was hard not to get caught up in it all!

Alien Theory Cover Up Tattoo

When a customer’s brief begins with… “Without sounding massively crazy, I’m a big fan of Ancient Alien theories and a lot of our religions….” I was hooked! My imagination running wild from only a few words I had ideas coming to mind instantly. Reading on from this only got better with the many twists and turns to the normal imagery we are accustomed to. Angry gods and a sexy style Adam & Eve is a far cry from what we often see. I couldn’t wait to get started on the research.

Concept for a Tattoo Design

The beginnings of a Space Tattoo

Only one slight hiccup to my enthusiasm presented itself, this being that our customer already had a heavily prominent tribal cross tattoo on his shoulder, the idea was to give this design a revamp. So my main challenge was to incorporate this and create a new full sleeve cover up tattoo design in its place, a challenge indeed!

For me, there are so many accounts of religious stories that resemble space travel Moses’s and the burning bush, for instance, he was gone for 40 days and 40 nights but when he returned he was an old man,  could this be because of relativity? Who knows are we being observed by our unknown gods?

This took a lot of thinking, mostly just examining, and looking at the photograph of his ink. But after a week or so a sketch began to form in my mind, an idea started to grow, the strange Alien pyramid tribal cross, became a world building spacecraft launching into the atmosphere.

Original tattoo before cover up by Dark Design Graphics

The rest of the concept for this full sleeve tattoo design seemed to fall into place after this, with dark clouds, planets and galaxies as our background. The disapproving God inside the fiery comet was originally inspired by the old school masters like Michelangelo and his creation of Adam. Setting the scene for our couple in a lover’s embrace, kind of classical “sexy” was my aim there, with the impressive All Seeing Eye on the inner arm,  tree of life and landscape growing around with ease.

Stencil for cover up for a full sleeve tattoo design

My customer loved the ideas and we discussed a couple of small edits, including the addition of the globe/world inside the craft and centre of the original ink, and the flipping of the All Seeing Eye, great feedback which greatly improved the design.

Spaceship Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

All Seeing Eye Tattoo Design

With the full sleeve tattoo design approved, everything prepared (canvass stretched, gessoed, sanded, & toned) I transferred the piece, created a detailed stencil and got to work! With this cover up tattoo design I worked up the tone beginning in high quality soft black pencils, blending to make the soft edges of the clouds. To build up to heavy darks I used brush work and acrylic inks in cool deep blacks, white paint pens are good for refining tones and helped create highlights throughout the piece.

Full sleeve Tattoo Design of the story of Adam and Eve

One of my favourite areas of this full sleeve cover up tattoo design is the subtle DNA trail of the launching craft leading to Adam & Eve this along with the sky were real fun to create  ~ Really enjoyable challenging piece, was great get the opportunity to bring this to life!

Final Stages Of A Full Sleeve Design & Cover Up Tattoo

The tattoo artist who completed the ink work was Allan Balmer who can be found on Instagram @Allan_Balmer_Tattoo There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your design come to life by a brilliant artist and we will definitely be working with Allan in the future! Please take a moment to check out some of his brilliant tattoos.

“Chris worked well through the whole project and did a lot of research so he could understand properly the whole belief behind the theory he got the design spot on and I couldn’t be happier with it.”

Cover Up Tattoo Design and Stencil - Full Sleeve

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