Jan 162017
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We at Dark Design Graphics tend to do things a little back to front and we have done it again! Our apologies we just couldn’t wait to put up this amazingly detailed, full sleeve, wolf tattoo design from our newest artist Marie.  We got impatient, you’ll just have to wait for Marie’s formal introductions!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Marie explains her first full sleeve tattoo design for Dark Design Graphics…

First Concept

What I really liked about my customer’s wolf tattoo brief, when I first read it, was the fact that it was all to do with nature, from the mountains and woodland background to the animals that he had chosen.  As I continued to read, it became obvious that this wolf tattoo design was more than just a decoration, my customer had an important message to portray in this full sleeve tattoo design and I was excited to convey it.

A wolf tattoo in progress

Often the firsts concern we get when doing these tattoo designs is the layout of the features our customers ask for, and how best to portray each image while taking into account the elbow areas, where there would certainly be a crease and the inner side. As this was such an amazing idea given by my customer I wanted to make sure none of the imagery was lost. My approach to this problem was to obtain as many measurements as I could for these tricky areas, I was able to quickly work around this and make this full sleeve wolf tattoo design perfect.  

Full Sleeve Wolf Tattoo Stencil


“I liked the first concept a lot! I wouldn’t change a thing! to think… if this is just a rough sketch the real thing would be amazing! I don’t know what to say except… it is amazing, I love it! such an amazing artist”

Lone Wolf Tattoo

Personally, for me, I feel that what stands out the most, despite being so small in comparison to the rest of the design, is the lone wolf at the bottom of the full sleeve. Ultimately this wolf is what the whole design is based around, this lone wolf holds a deep significance and by this oneness, a story begins.

Wolf Tattoo Design

While doing this particular project I have learned many different variations of techniques when it comes to using ball point pens. In this design, there are so many different textures, from the mountains to trees, fur on the wolves and leaves on the trees. I had to use the pen in different ways to try and achieve all the different textures, so much so that I could write a blog post about that alone!

Bird and Tree Tattoo Design

Wolf Pack in the Mountains

My experience throughout doing this was nothing but great. From the first initial email, my customer really delivered his ideas for his wolf sleeve tattoo and knew exactly what he wanted. Despite initially wanting script in the image, what made him a truly great customer was that he listened to my advice and took it on board as in the end it would not have flowed well with the design in the limited space.

Eagle Tattoo Design

Hidden Meanings in Tattoos

At a quick glance,  the hunters that are amongst the trees may be missed, they play a small part in the illustration but have a great meaning to the customer. What I loved about this piece is that each time you study it, you notice something new. This full sleeve wolf tattoo design is jam pack with hidden messages and Images that capture the eye, using this method of approach alone helps the viewer explore themes and ideas in order to find the message hidden inside.

Wolf Tattoo with Hunters

In order to accomplish this, I have drawn the eyes very dark, to show a contrast to the surroundings and in a downwards motion, this allows the viewer to trace down the image and see the hunters amongst the trees.

Wolf Pack Tattoo Design

Wolf Pack

The pack of wolves at the top of the design with mountains and birds in the sky represent the people that my customer is yet to meet. For this reason, I decided to design them in a way so the wolves appear to be looking down upon the design, holding a sense of protection over the lone wolf. In order to create the detailing of the fur and instil a sense of individuality into each wolf, I used a medium biro pen which can be quite challenging indeed! 

“I am so happy with the design I can’t stop looking at it! Thank you for the amazing design Marie”

Full Sleeve Wolf Tattoo

Full Sleeve Wolf TattooSave



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