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Guardian Angel Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Guardian Angels are a very popular feature of custom tattoo designs like our previous Guardian Angel – Good Vs. Evil design. But as with all our designs we like to make each one unique and personalized to our customer. With similar subjects this can be challenging but in this case my customer had a great idea of how he wanted the Guardian Angel tattoo design to look.

Angel Tattoo Designs

As I mentioned in the previous Beautiful Angel Tattoo Design this was part of a series of three Angel Tattoos that had been booked up one after the other. I obviously wanted to make each design as unique as possible whilst also keeping to my customers briefs. My customer, for this design, had three main features that he definitely wanted included in the tattoo, the first was the bible quote that centres the image. Next of course we had the Guardian Angel and finally there needed to be a representation of Australia shown as the sea crashing against the features in the design.

Kneeling Angel Tattoo Concept from Dark Design Graphics

Bible Quote Tattoos

Having the bible quote surrounded by waves crashing into them was obviously the first challenge. As this design was already turning into a very strong and powerful image, I decided to go with the idea of a strong, stone plinth that would give a great surface for the waves to crash against whilst also continuing the epic theme. This would also create a brilliant place for the placement of the Guardian Angel.

I used the font Goudy Trajan Regular which is available free to use from Font Squirrel. The Trajan font is an old style Serif Typeface which I thought really gave a nice and solid appearance to show the quote inscribed or engraved  into the cracking, stone plinth.

Bible Quote Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

I also had an idea the other week of the guardian angel holding a sword similar to the fallen knight design you did recently

Character Design Posture

My customer explained to me that he liked the kneeling posture of the Knight in my previous Fallen Knight Tattoo Design. Being a Guardian Angel tattoo though I figured the posture would need to give a different atmosphere than the Kneeling Knight. With only a few changes it is very easy to give a completely different impression from a pose or posture.

Kneeling Angel Tattoo Concept from Dark Design Graphics

In this case I wanted the Guardian Angel to give a hard, ready for action, strong and epic impression rather than the Fallen Knight with which my aim was to give a broken, battle weary, fallen warrior appearance. By simply changing how the character hangs his head, the position of his arms and a few subtle differences of the body I could create a completely different mood to the Guardian Angel.

Kneeling Guardian Angel Tattoo from Dark Design Graphics

Creating a Guardian Angel Tattoo Design

Guardian Angel tattoo designs come in all shapes and sizes. The great thing about doing these designs is that in the end the Guardian Angel is designed around what my customer sees as his own personal Guardian Angel. As with all our tattoo designs the aim with these is to try to put down on paper what my customer initially only has in his thoughts. With good feedback, ideas and back and forth conversation we are able to slowly put together through concepts the idea in my customers head. In this case my customer gave me, through his brief, a picture of what would reflect his own personal Guardian Angel tattoo.

Kneeling Guardian Angel Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Valley of Death Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Mate that’s absolutely awesome! Exactly how I pictured it when I was trying to describe the brief!

Guardian Angel Custom Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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  1. How much would it cost for the family crest design?

  2. I would really love this exact design for my next tattoo! How much would it cost to get the design?

    • Hi Kim, Thank you for getting in touch, unfortunately this design is created to be unique to my customer which means we do not unfortunately sell it on. If you are interested in getting a design based on this and maybe made to be unique to you feel free to get in touch through our Custom Quote form

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