Oct 172015
A Half Sleeve Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

As with all the Dark Design Graphics designs, the first place to start is with the clients brief, to try and understand the meaning and feeling behind the elements wanted, and hopefully get a good feel for what the client is looking for. Although my customer’s brief was slightly confusing I was able to get a good visual idea of what he wanted so could really get started on the first concept straight away.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

“Ever since I moved to Barcelona I wanted to get a tattoo that would be an everlasting memory of my time there. I also had a number of other ideas I wanted to incorporate but I didn’t think they could be put together into one design…. then I came across Dark Design Graphics.”

Half Sleeve Tattoo Concept from Dark Design Graphics

After a little research on each element Matt wanted I sketched out the rough layout with the aim of putting these features, which have nothing to do with each other, into a design that would be pleasing to the eye. Matt loved the general layout but wanted the cathedral to be larger and more detailed, so this edit was quickly worked out and the concept rough was approved.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Concept from Dark Design Graphics

“From the original quote and a fair few emails back and forth, Alasdair and Chris were absolutely brilliant with me and outlined everything in a friendly but clear and informative way. I had quite a confusing brief that even I struggled to understand sometimes but even from the first concept Chris got it – bang on exactly what I was looking for.”

Half Sleeve lion Tattoo Concept from Dark Design Graphics

“The detail on the cathedral and my personal favorite, the Lion, is just incredible and everything fits together perfectly. I even asked for some extra details (my parents DOB in Roman numerals) to be added after I´d approved the final design to be started and he came back with it included and that was just the cherry on top.”

Sagrada Familia Cathedral Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

My customer’s full design was a lot of fun to create, with a black and grey final half sleeve tattoo design I concentrated on putting in some finer details with a couple of extras added that my customer had mentioned, including a scroll around the roses with some meaningful dates. I was very pleased at the results on this piece. As with them all I hopefully achieved my aim of providing a great piece of artwork that can truly inspire the tattoo artist who will continue the artwork on the skin thus completing the dream tattoo for our clients. Its a great experience to be involved in.

Spartan Warrior Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

“Big thanks to Chris & Alasdair for all their help, it´s worth every penny. And I´ll definitely be back for the lower half of my sleeve :D”

Half Sleeve Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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