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This is not the first post and definitely not the last where I say that ‘there is nothing like doing a custom tattoo design with a story behind it’, and this Knight tattoo design is no different. With designs like this Battle Weary Warrior Tattoo my customers often have a deep and heartfelt story behind their ideas. So when I asked my customer for his review of our services and he wrote back with his full story I was completely bowled over. My original write up would have paled in comparison to my customers story. So below you will find the full story behind this design that my customer agreed to share, the meaning behind each and every aspect and how we brought this Knight Tattoo Design to life.


I unfortunately got involved in drugs at school as a young teenager mainly smoking pot, which then led to harder party drugs. Then by the age of 20 I tried Heroin. I became hopelessly addicted before long and spent most of my 20’s battling the drug using up to $300 worth every day. I lost many jobs, my self respect, dignity, my relationships crumbled with friends and family and I sold all my possessions many times over. It got to the point where I would get high for barely an hour after using and I was completely broken mentally and spiritually. After many attempts I finally got clean after a one year stay in a long term rehab at the age of 28. I am now nearly 10 years clean, married, two beautiful kids, a house, good job and my health back. It’s been an extremely hard road learning to live without drugs and I still have counselling to this day to help cope and deal with life in general.

Knight Tattoo Design Concept

I’d been thinking about getting a tribute tattoo for years now as I’ve already got ink and one of them is on my shoulder, unfortunately done whilst high and straight off the shelf with no meaning and to make it worse it was a horrible job! So my thoughts were to get it removed and replaced with a full custom designed personal tribute to my story. This was the hard part that I avoided for some time……

Knight Tattoo Design concept

I did a bit of research, rang a few artists but couldn’t get the help or advice I needed when it came to something totally customized. Most tattoo artists wanted pictures and were willing to give some advice but ultimately it felt like it was going to be a bit of a gamble. My fear was not getting exactly what I wanted, I had a great vision in my mind but getting it onto paper was going to be a lot harder than I realised.


I then came across Dark Design Graphics. Now these days I shoot straight from the hip, 15 years of drug use does that. The saying ‘good service’ gets thrown around way too much these days and has no meaning, just words. Alasdair is in every sense the true meaning of these words. Its people like him that restore your faith in them.

Kneeling Knight Tattoo Design WIP from Dark Design Graphics

When I first emailed him he replied in no time at all giving me more information and advice than I could have imagined with a step by step approach to how he could help design my tattoo. We emailed back and forth at least 20 times over weeks before a payment or booking date was even mentioned, every time mentioning how exited he was and how much of an honour it would be to design this for me. I was overwhelmed with such professionalism and genuine enthusiasm.

Kneeling Knight Tattoo Design WIP-03 Dark Design Graphics

I was feeling quite nervous leading up to the concept stage. I’d sent lots of pics through dropbox and had an even closer vision of what I wanted now but was still unsure on some of the main details. When Alasdair sent the first concept through I was simply blown away, practically 90% of the way there. Not bad for a first crack!! I instantly felt at ease. He had chosen and positioned the castle better than I could have imagined. By the 3rd concept it was complete. I wanted a few changes here and there which Alasdair was only too happy and supportive in doing, at the same time giving honest feedback on what could and couldn’t be done.

Kneeling Knight Tattoo Design WIP-04 Dark Design Graphics

When the final drawing was complete and emailed to me I was sincerely lost for words, let alone when I received it in the mail. How do you describe it, I mean just look at it!!! I just want to stare for days! It is quite simply a true masterpiece done by a professional of the most highest standards, I honestly mean every word of it. The feeling Alasdair has given me by capturing something so personal is indescribable.

knight and castle tattoo deisgn from Dark Design Graphics

The knight represents myself after fighting a battle, damage was done, yet deep down I’m a very loyal and honourable person. The poppies are opium, representing the drug with the sword stabbing into them as a sign of defeat. The castle ruins also shows damage was done, but in a larger scale sense representing the battle continues with many other addicts still suffering addiction. The clouds shown there were dark times with the sun coming through, representing light at the end, relationships repairing and my wife and kids.

Knight & Poppies Tattoo design from Dark Design Graphics

I’m an absolute perfectionist and I couldn’t be happier. I will have Dark Design Graphics design all of my future work and I have friends here who will be contacting him for theirs.

Kneeling Knight Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Battle Weary Knight Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Kneeling Knight Tattoo Design & Stencil from Dark Design Graphics

Well if that isn’t the ultimate testimonial I do not know what is! There really is nothing like creating a design for a customer and managing to capture everything they wanted in a design and opening an email like this in the morning…

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  4 Responses to “Knight Tattoo Design – A Testimonial”

  1. I love knight tattoos i want to get my whole arm done

    • Thank you Carlos, we just daw your custom request and we will be getting back to you with a full quote and plan of action later on today! Cheers, Alasdair

  2. Don’t have any tattoos but love your art .thinking half sleeve themed angel saving my soul against personal demons .I also like Nordic or viking themes , volknut symbols and the rune compass .Fight against the devil .Quote devil “prepare for the storm” angel ….”I am the storm “

    • Hey Simon, Thanks for your brilliant idea we have just emailed a plan of action to you.

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