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Custom Knight Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Designing A Knight Tattoo

One of the reasons I love creating custom tattoo designs is the huge variety of requests we get. From drawing black beard the pirate to redesigning a custom coat of arms the different requests are endless. But nothing beats getting a customer with similar interests to you, so when asked to create a medieval style castle and knight tattoo design I knew I would be in my element.

Lighting A Castle

One of the most difficult parts of this Castle & Knight tattoo design was actually getting the light correct on the castle. The reference photo given to me by my customer was a great photo and brilliant to work from but in the image the sun was shining on the front left of the tower with the right side in shadow. Obviously with my design having the sun behind and to the right of the tower meant I had to completely change all the shadows.

Although this does not sound like too much of a problem, drawing with graphite pencils means I actually build up my subject by only drawing shadow. A lot of how the castle stonework looks is actually just guess work as to how it would look with the light source behind and a bit of artistic license.

A Knight Tattoo Design Concept from Dark Design Graphics

Just saw it and holy sh*t, just like I imagined. It’s even better!

Designing A Knight

Designing the knight was definitely the most enjoyable part of this tattoo design. My customer requested knight with a beard and a shield with the head of Aries as the centrepiece. If you have been following Dark Designs posts you will know this is exactly the sort of character design I love to create.

Bearing in mind the sun was going to be to the left and behind the knight I did not want to have a full silhouette so the aim was to create a character with a lot of shadow at the front but using highlights to provide decent details on the armour and body. I have only recently started using the Staedtler Clutch Pencil in my designs. I find it brilliant for drawing intricate details and ended up drawing the whole knight and shield with it.

Designing A Knight Tattoo from Dark Design Graphics

Light And Shadow In A Tattoo Design

As you might have guessed the light source played a large part in bringing this design together. From changing the shadow on the castle wall to creating a dark and high in contrast bearded knight. So what better way to finish it off than having the sun beams carrying across to the chest area to provide a contrasting background for the owl.

Owl Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

I couldn’t be more pleased with Dark Design Graphics, not only is the drawings incredible, but the way he made my rough ideas come to life with minimal information. I dont know how.
But he did it and he did it good.
Very pleased overall, incredible work, great service and fast responses. A solid 10/10.

Castle and Knight Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics
Medieval Knight Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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