Mar 202017
Memorial Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Memorial Tattoo Design

When I first read the brief for the Cross and Poppy design I was instantly drawn to the fact that my customer had asked for a ‘Remembrance Day Poppy,’ as I am always truly honoured to participate in such a tribute tattoo design, I have always held a high regard for men and women in the forces.

Concept for a Memorial Custom Tattoo Design

Reading further into the brief my customer asked for the design to be black and grey with a red poppy, but after some time we came to feel that this interpretation had been used so often. So with this memorial tattoo design, we decided that we could either go for full colour or black and grey and let the tattoo design speak for itself.

Remembrance Day Tattoo Stencil

In Loving Memory

While doing tests for this tattoo design, I found getting the right textures for the metal cross to be quite tricky as I wanted this Remembrance Day tattoo to look old and worn, rather than polished and new. Not only would it allow the barbed wire to stand out more but the theme behind the drawing, the poppy representing our soldiers, no longer with us.

Memorial Cross Custom Tattoo Design

Remembrance Poppy Tattoo

For myself, the poppy stands out the most as it’s the heart of what this memorial tattoo design is all about. The rest of the design flows along quite easily with the script framing the poppy.

Remembrance Day Poppy Tattoo Design

What I enjoyed most about working with my customer is despite the fact that he was on deployment he was still able to give me prompt feedback. In the last minute, he asked for the barbed wire to wrap around the cross bringing a deeper significance!

A very humble design with a great deal of history behind it.

Poppy & Cross Remembrance Day Tattoo Design

Memorial Poppy & Cross Tattoo Design

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