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Custom full sleeve nautical tattoo design from dark design graphics blackwhite

A Nautical Tattoo design featuring Poseidon & The Kraken, a powerless Tall Ship trapped between a legendary sea monster and one of the most bad-tempered, moody and greedy Olympian gods. This was definitely going to be one seriously epic full sleeve tattoo design and a great addition to my previous nautical full sleeve tattoo where I explained the process behind putting these together.

Unique Tattoo Ideas

We get all sorts of ideas at Dark Design Graphics and turning these ideas into a concept can be the hardest part of a custom tattoo design. In this case, my customer’s idea immediately had me thinking of a layout. Although this nautical tattoo was not a quick design to put together the composition stayed almost the same throughout with my aim to give the Tall Ship in the design a feeling of complete helplessness, stuck between the two powerful forces, surrounded by stormy seas with nowhere to go.

“After seeing the first concept, it looked amazing so far and I can’t wait to see the final product and ultimately the time lapse.”

Nautical Tattoo of The Kraken & Poseidon
A Kraken Tattoo

Krakens are a common feature in a lot of Nautical Tattoo designs. In this case, my customer considered including mermaids and a few other features in the forearm half of the full sleeve, along with the Kraken. This was something we discussed and eventually decided a twisting Kraken taking up the full forearm sleeve would give the best effect, not taking away from the size of the Kraken at all and give brilliant contrast to the dark and cloudy sky of the upper half.

Nautical Tattoo concept of Poseidon and the kraken

“My wife was originally planning to put beneath the Kraken a few small mermaids, but I was good with whatever. Ocean floor with a few tiny skulls, sunken treasure, whatever, I trusted Alasdair’s judgement for the space that was left.”

Nautical Tattoo, the kraken within the deep sea and Poseidon

“After agreeing that there shouldn’t be anything at the bottom. Just the Kraken. I am very happy with the design; I really love the detail in the Kraken! I think this is turning out great!”

Poseidon Tattoo

I absolutely love doing brilliantly epic and powerful characters like Poseidon in these designs. All too often we see character designs in these tattoos covered in shiny armour looking bedazzling to the beholder but for me this takes away from the main character being depicted. I wanted Poseidon’s power to show through his form and expression rather than any embellishments. One thing we did consider was giving him an angry or aggressive expression but then we thought, he is Poseidon, he doesn’t need one!

Nautical Tattoo of Poseidon work in progress

“Wow! It looks incredible! Thanks so much for getting this drawn up! I’m glad that you took your time and did this the right way rather than rushing it and turning out subpar work.”

Nautical Tattoo of Poseidon and a Tall Ship work in progress

Tattoo Background

I really wanted to give this tattoo design a brilliant atmosphere, with the subjects involved there would have been nothing worse than producing a dull and plain looking full sleeve design. With only the three main features of Poseidon, The Kraken and the tall ship, I had the opportunity to create heavy dark clouds behind Poseidon with the rays of light piercing the clouds giving Poseidon that colossal feel.

Nautical Tattoo of Poseidon, kraken and a tall ship out in the deep sea

The background to the Kraken was a little harder but I wanted to almost give the opposite look to the stormy seas and clouds with the dark water effect, the idea was to give the full sleeve nautical tattoo two different halves with the dividing part being the crashing waves around the tall ship, the dark deep atmosphere of the sea on the forearm and the stormy weather look for the upper half.

Nautical Tattoo feturing Poseidon, The Kraken and a helpless Tall Ship work in progress shot

Nautical Tattoo work in progress shot of the Kraken

A Full Sleeve Nautical Tattoo Design

There is nothing like being given free reign when crafting custom tattoo designs like this, my customer came to me with the characters and features he wanted included but ultimately left the atmosphere, composition and details up to me. We worked through the concepts bandying ideas back and forth and shaping this nautical tattoo design together and once again (I am pretty sure I say this every time) I ended up completing one of my favourite custom designs to date, from my customers brilliant concept to the dark atmosphere he encouraged me to employ, the powerful looking characters and… …well frankly I just can’t wait to see it brought to life!

Nautical Tattoo design of Poseidon,The kraken and Tall Ship

“After seeing the results, I have to say it was well worth the wait!! I described what I wanted and Alasdair brought it to life and then some. Now the search for a tattoo artist that can handle something so awesome begins.”

“I would absolutely recommend anyone looking to have original artwork done go to Dark Design Graphics. Thank you guys for everything!”


Full Sleeve Nautical Tattoo of The kraken a Tall Ship and Poseidon

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