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Why Create A Concept

In this article I will be explaining the benefits of creating concepts when doing design work and being creative. Apart from clients expectations and design expectations in general, how does this process benefit us the ‘designer’. During my latest Pin Up Tattoo Design for my client, concept creation became a very important part of this design in-particular. With each new project, drawing, illustration or logo design any decent artist will be learning for themselves. This is just one of the ways we as designers/artists/illustrators improve.

Gambling Girl Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics featured

At the end of this article there is a Time Lapse video of me creating this tattoo design. This time lapse video does not show any of the concept work or process behind its design, so in this article and before you watch the video ūüėČ I will explain all about the concept work and what we get from it.

Pin Up Tattoo Concept Designs from Dark Design Graphics

Making Sense Of Your Brief

My brief for this was to create a Pin Up Girl with lots of gambling aspects to it. With a detailed description and reference images provided by the client this actually looks like the perfect brief. So the next step my design process involves creating concepts and receiving feed back from my clients. You can see the process I use in my recent article Skull And Flowers – How We Design A Tattoo.

After creating these concepts it was then that my client realised, this is not exactly what he wanted. He explained that it isn’t exactly a pin up girl he wanted but a close up of a beautiful girl with vivid eyes. In this way each time I draw a concept for him we are refining the brief. I am gaining a better understanding of what my client wants and the client is helping me create a design which initially is only their mind.

Pin Up Tattoo Concept Designs 02 from Dark Design Graphics

What I Gained From My Concept Creation

The first concept I came up with is totally different from the final design. To create the first concept I used three different sheets of paper over each other on a lightbox. Learn how I use a lightbox when designing concepts in my previous article Using A Lightbox. This way I could adjust my work without constant rubbing out or ruining another sketch.

It turns out I really liked this concept, while not what my client wanted. The layout and design really appeals to me and I am now going to use it as my next full tattoo design drawing, I will be making a new Time Lapse video with this and then from there who knows. I now have options to create prints, T-Shirts, posters or even sell this to a customer as the next unique tattoo design. Unfortunately my photo of this is not the clearest as it was taken while on the lightbox.

Pin Up Tattoo Concept Design from Dark Design Graphics

From Pin Up Tattoo To Gambling Girl Design

From this pin up tattoo design project I have now given myself new opportunities and a new design to create while still leaving a happy customer and a fully finished unique and personalized tattoo design. Now Have a look at the Pin Up Girl Tattoo Design Time Lapse video below and watch me make this drawing look a lot easier than it was!


With thanks to Alexander Bone AKA ‘Boney’ for the brilliant music for this Time Lapse Video. Find out more about this young music prodigy on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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Gambling Girl Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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