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Creating A Pirate Ship Tattoo Design

Old school pirate ship tattoo designs have always been very popular in the tattooed community and as with my recent Geisha Tattoo Design it was another style I definitely wanted to work but never had the chance. So when I recieved a request for a Pirate Ship Tattoo Design featuring an old school boxer and a compass I jumped at the chance. There is a common style amongst pirate ship tattoo designs but I definitely wanted to make this design my own!

Old School Boxer Tattoos

Old school boxer tattoos are another very popular style with a huge amount of reference photos available with a Google search. When designing tattoos we are often given features to include that have nothing to do with each other. For example an old school boxer to me has nothing to do with a pirate ship, while you or I may not have a clue the connection is often only known by the customer.

I would love the boxer to be tattooed as well.

Pirate Ship and Old School Boxer tattoo design from Dark Design Graphics

Full Moon Tattoos

This is not the first time I have been asked to add a full moon to a tattoo design but it is definitely the first time I have added such detail into such a small section of the drawing. When searching for reference images to draw the moon from I actually came across a very useful and interesting tutorial ‘How to draw the moon’ from the brilliant Dragoart.com website, a great place for up and coming artists to learn, share and contribute to the artists community.

I decided to follow the tutorials steps and came up with this highly detailed moon that really added to the atmosphere of the design. It also reminded me of how I got to where I am today and some of the excellent free resources that are now available online for artists, designers and many other professionals in the creative line of work.

Full Moon Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

I would like a map, globe or compass to represent travelling.

Compass Tattoo

Compass Tattoo Designs are very popular amongst nautical lovers, travellers and often military personnel. Obviously with the pirate ship feature I could tell nautical themes meant a lot to my customer. So I decided to go with an old school nautical compass not only to represent travel as my customer asked but also to keep with the theme of the pirate ship tattoo design.

compass tattoo design from Dark Design Graphics

Pirate Ship Tattoo Designs

Tall ship tattoo designs are hugely popular. You just have to search for ship tattoo design in google to see how popular this style is. for this tattoo design though I wanted to create it in my own style. While showing quite a common position of the ship I decided to create a very dark style design. Although this is a pirate ship I dispensed with the usual jolly roger flag to give the design a darker and more serious feel in line with the rest of the tattoo design.

As you have probably noticed from my previous tattoo designs I am a big fan of using contrast to create an atmosphere in my drawings. With this one being no different I designed the pirate ship just by drawing the shadows along with the Old School Boxer, Compass, detailed full moon and the dark rolling clouds surrounding I think gave the whole tattoo design a very dark and moody atmosphere.

pirate ship tattoo design from dark design graphics
Custom ship tattoo design from dark design graphics

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  1. How do I get a copy of this pirate ship design? Very cool, would love go have it.

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