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Pocket Watch and Larkspur Flowers Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

My client, for this Pocket Watch Tattoo Design, was every artists perfect customer which was brilliant as this was my first design for Dark Design Graphics. She knew exactly what she wanted, how she wanted it and at the same time gave me creative freedom and her complete trust.

Custom Pocket Watch Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

“The moment I held my daughter for the first time literally took my breath away and it felt like time had stopped and we were frozen in that special moment.”

“Since that day I have wanted a tattoo to represent that moment so I settled on the idea of a pocket watch tattoo with the time of birth and the date etched onto the surface. I wanted every little detail to be personal to my daughter and her birth. The Larkspur flowers are for the birth month of July and the red colour is to represent the colour stone of July; the Ruby. I also decided on the image of mine and my daughters hands on the face of the clock to signify the everlasting bond we have.”


Meaning Behind A Pocket Watch Tattoo

This pocket watch tattoo was designed to be very personal and unique to my customer. It was created to symbolise the date and time of the birth of her daughter and to show the special relationship they have. Another idea my customer had was to add to the design an image of her’s and her daughter’s hands to the centre of the Pocket Watch Face. This element gave it that extra unique touch. There really is nothing like working on meaningful design ideas, such as this, as the final artwork is appreciated on another level.

Pocket Watch Tattoo concept

Creating the Pocket Watch Tattoo

I started by referencing actual pocket watches, different angles and positions, detailed watch hands and each feature. I then designed the pocket watch to be simple yet intricate with the features that my customer wanted. She also chose the flowers used as they are specific to the birth month of her daughter, again adding a unique element to the design. My customer explained to me that she wanted the colouring of the design to be like my previous Hummingbird Tattoo piece.

Pocket Watch Tattoo Stencil Outline

The subtle and delicate colours used against the detail of the main Pocket Watch contrasts really well and was exactly what she wanted. This really was a thoroughly enjoyable and highly satisfying design to work on and I honestly can’t wait to start the next!

Pocket Watch and Larkspur Flowers Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

“Jenn has been absolutely amazing during the designs process. She has accommodated all of my requests whilst giving her honest opinions and still adding her own touch to the final design. She has incorporated every detail to create a design that is so stunning and beautiful whilst balancing detail and elegance perfectly. Honestly I could not be happier with the finished design. It is more perfect than I had ever imagined! The attention she has paid to this design is what means the most to me as she has been fully respectful of the significance and for that I cannot thank her enough!”

Pocket Watch and Hands Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Pocket Watch Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Custom Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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