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Saint George Tattoo Design

When asked to do a tattoo design of Saint George slaying a dragon I started as with all my drawings by doing a lot of research. Two things immediately jumped out at me, the legendary myth about Saint George slaying a dragon is only a small factor in the reason he is the patron saint of so many countries and cities and two he must have been “hard as nails” to slay a dragon. Why then are there so many uninspired tattoo designs and drawings of Saint George. I decided to create this design in a way that meant something to me, this design is how I visualized Saint George (hard as nails!).

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As some of you may have seen my previous post about this design you will know that this was started a long time ago, after the client decided not to get in contact with me the drawing went on hold and I concentrated on other projects. It was a piece of work that I always wanted to finish but never had the time. So when I was contacted again and asked if this design was to be finished and for sale, it gave me the opportunity to finally complete it. My aim with this tattoo design was to create a powerful and epic visualization of Saint George slaying the dragon.

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Saint George Tattoo Design

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