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Samson and the House of Dagon Tattoo Download from Dark Design Graphics

Dark Design Graphics is a small collection of amazingly talented traditional artists, its base is in a little town in the North East of England and this epic Samson tattoo design is no exception to our usual quality.

We are known for our unique custom designs, as we put a great deal of effort into each and every design no matter the size and have gained an impeccable reputation because of that. Not only do our customers get a fully custom design, they also get the original artwork! This at times breaks our hearts as we artists never get to see it again! We never create a copy of the custom designs for anyone else, but every once in awhile we do a design for all to use!

This chaos filled Samson tattoo design is ready for download in our shop today! it is a one that has been requested by many and I am not surprised given the infamous story behind this piece, the detailing is second to none and is truly breathtaking. I have ogled over this all too often wondering just how Alasdair created it, it bugged me enough to tear him away from his projects to give me the details.

Tattoo Downloads

Figurative Drawing

Firstly, Alasdair tells me that there are parts of the story behind this tattoo design that I should not add to this write-up, but he will tell me as long as I promise not to included it in my blog. So with my fingers crossed behind my back, I promised away… He begins by saying, that with figurative drawing getting the anatomy correct is key! this can be difficult, although there are many good model reference images out there for artists to use finding one with the stance he needed for this Samson tattoo design was proving to be impossible so for the first time he decided to take matters into his own hands! This was getting very exciting indeed…

Samson Columns Tattoo Download First Concept

Images flowing through my mind at this point of Alasdair donning only a simple cloth whilst standing in his studio was quickly whipped from my mind as he assures me he was fully clothed and simple set up his camera and pulled several poses in order to capture the light in the right place. Light and shade are most important when doing this designs because it creates form and shows the shape of the objects, features or characters and gives the viewer an idea of where the light source emanates from.

Samson Tattoo Stencil Download

Samson & Delilah a Religious Tattoo

After seeing the first concepts of this Samson tattoo design and reminiscing of the known biblical story of a man who was given great strength by God but who ultimately lost his strength after his hair (his source of strength) was cut off during his slumber by the women he loved who had deceived him (Delilah). But this design features more than Just Delilah, including the Lion that Samson slayed with his bare hands in order to make honey…

What I particularly like about this design is the tumbling of the columns, Alasdair manages to create the feel of utter chaos and despair in this design while including all the features around Samson’s stories.

Samson Tattoo Design Download Work in progress
Samson Tattoo Design Download
Delilah Tattoo Design Download
Samson and Delilah Tattoo Design Download

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