Dec 102012

A Tattoo With Meaning

Instructions For A Custom Tattoo Design

Not long ago I was asked to create a cover up tattoo design for a Police Officer based in the State of Missouri, USA. The brief included such keywords as elegant, bold, serious, traditional and masculine. With an emphasis on a warrior style tattoo design and based on a family crest tattoo or coat of arms. Perhaps the most interesting part was the idea of the “Thin Blue Line” incorporated into the tattoo design.

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Police tattoo design download comes with a ready to go outline stencil and fully shaded reference image for tattooists.

The Blue line stands for the Law Enforcement Officers. The top black part stands for The good. And the bottom black part stands for the bad. All together, the Blue Line (Law Enforcement) separating the good from the bad.

Warrior shield Crest Tattoo Design

Elements Of A Warrior Crest Tattoo Design

The idea of using a Family Crest or Coat Of Arms Style layout was inspired. With this I would be able to incorporate the key ideas mentioned in the brief. For the warrior element I chose to use a Spartan helmet, if that eye slit is not serious enough what is! The shield’s shape is actually partially based on the Police Badge with the mentioned blue line divide as a representation of what my client does. The heraldic ornate patterns around the design are inspired by my seriously old fashioned wallpaper. I may in fact put some high resolution photos up for grabs as it is really useful, unfortunately the one below was taken with my phone camera.

My Sitting Room Wallpaper :D

Family Crest Tattoo Design

While researching this tattoo design I decided to look into my own family crest, there are a few websites dedicated to family names, family history and most importantly family crests and coat of arms. This gave me the idea of Family Crest Tattoo designs, mainly because I want one myself! Coat of arms and family crests can be found with a search of your family name through My Family Silver and House Of Names among others. With the link to your personal crest I will be able to create stylized Coat Of Arms Tattoo Design unique to you!

Sheild Crest Tattoo Work

Thanks for everything!  Your an awesome artist and I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing a design done.

I will be creating my own family crest tattoo design in the days to come, to see how this one turns out follow Dark Design Graphics on Facebook and Twitter and to see more of my Tattoo Design Time Lapse Videos subscribe to us on Youtube.

Warrior Shield Crest Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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  1. Is there any way to get just the outline template for this image. I am willing to pay for it.

    • Hi Ross, thanks for getting in touch, I have just emailed you with all the details.


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