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Coat of Arms Shield Tattoo Design

After posting my previous Family Coat of Arms custom tattoo design I have literally been getting hundreds of requests for custom Coats of Arms, Family Crests and Heraldic tattoo designs. This Heraldic Shield Tattoo Design was definitely one of my favourites. A redesign of the Guthrie family coat of arms my aim with this one was to really give it a traditional style as well as updating the features and heraldic symbols.

A Heraldic Shield Tattoo Time Lapse

Creating A Shield Tattoo Design

I absolutely love heraldic designs and a main part of any Coat of Arms is the shield. With my customers detailed measurements for this half sleeve tattoo we decided to go with the shield taking up the main outer facing part of his arm. The mantle (leafy stuff around the shield) would be wrapping around his arm going towards the back.

Maybe the shield part focusing on the lion rampant, with other elements around it.

Shield Tattoo Concept

With the ‘lion rampant’ as the main focus of the shield tattoo, the helm or helmet and the motto below are all lined up to keep to the outer most facing part of the upper arm.

Heraldic Shield Tattoo Design

A Lion Rampant Tattoo

Unlike the previous coat of arms tattoo design I did my customer agreed to go with a flamboyant heraldic style lion rampant. The idea was to give a greater contrast between the more realistic Falcon and Wolf that were to be featured in the design. The Lion Rampant would look like a part of the heraldic style shield and coat of arms while the wolf and falcon would appear as fluid features of the whole design, interacting with the shield and coat of arms.

Lion Rampant Tattoo Concept

I totally agree with you in relation to the lion. I much prefer the heraldic style and the contrast it will give.

Heraldic Rampant Lion Tattoo Design

Coat of Arms Symbols

There are many commonly used symbols in heraldic coats of arms, in this case the Guthrie coat of arms included bales of barley and the lion rampant. My customer explained to me that he was happy to leave a lot of the layout and style of the design up to me. So with making the lion rampant the main focus of the shield I decided to give the impression that the shield and wolf were sitting in a field of barley.

Although a coat of arms is a traditional image I am really flexible about changing and adapting it.

Barley and Wolf Tattoo Concept

Heraldic Shield Tattoo Design

I often explain to customers that the amount of features they require probably will not fit or just will not work together. One of the things I like most about this heraldic shield tattoo design is the amount of features that are in the design while still keeping it looking natural. The Falcon, Wolf, Lion Rampant and the shield all interact with each other in a very unforced way.

Very happy how it has turned out, looks really great. Many thanks for your skilled work.

Heraldic Wolf Tattoo Design

Heraldic Shield Tattoo Design

Heraldic Shield Tattoo Design and Stencil

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