Jun 292013
Skeleton Angel Tattoo Design

After seeing my recent Custom Tattoo Design A Guardian Angel – Good Versus Evil my customer for this project decided my style was perfect for his Skeleton Angel Tattoo Design. With a similar layout specified in the brief I wanted to make sure this did not just end up a copy of my previous project.

An Angel Tattoo Design

My research led me to characterdesigns.com a site dedicated to providing artistic resources to students and professionals alike.
By far my favourite part of this design was turning this majestic Angel drawing below into the quite scary half skeleton half flesh image in the final illustration!

I am so impressed with how this has turned out, I shall be requesting your services again soon

Angel Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Angel Tattoo Design Concept from Dark Design Graphics

Skeleton Angel Tattoo Design Outline Layer

I cant wait to get all the bits so I can get this started, I will be sure to recommend you to anyone and everyone I can.

Skeleton Angel Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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