Mar 182013

A Custom St George Tattoo Design

My brief for this project was to create a realistic drawing of St. George fighting a dragon. Greyscale shading with a red Saint Georges cross and maybe red dragon fire. After two previous St George tattoo designs created in one particular style it was quite a relief to to be asked to create a realistic drawing.

A Realistic Drawing

While not a realistic drawing in the sense that is often meant with pencil drawings (I mean how do you draw a realistic dragon?), I knew exactly what my client meant. As with all projects the first step is research and for this project in particular I was looking at muscle groups of different animals. My thoughts were how would a dragons muscles work, from neck to body, legs, tail and wings. In the end, as the drawing developed and different features moved about the design, the dragons leg disappeared all together.

Horse Sketch Saint George Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Drawing A Horse

There is no shortage of horse reference pictures out there and after collecting hundreds of possible pictures, each with a horse in a different stance. I finally came up with the sketch above. The horse drawing you can see is actually an amalgamation of the different reference pictures. The things I looked for when collecting these images were body position, muscle definition and high contrast light and shadow. While I often end up using only one reference picture I found parts I really liked out of a few and decided to incorporate them into one design.

As explained in my previous article Drawing With Guidelines my sketches often serve a few different purposes being guidelines for the shading as well as layout references.

St George Tattoo Design Concept from Dark Design Graphics

A Sample Drawing

Creating a sample drawing for my customers is generally not needed but with my concept sketches getting increasingly messy I decided to do a sample of how the final coloured up tattoo design will look. You may notice that the image above is not the same as the final St. George tattoo designs below. Sometimes when creating layout sketches, shading guides and lightbox designs you forget that other people may not actually understand how your final drawing is going to look.

I was a bit skeptical when I first made a query with dark design graphics but Alasdair’s professionalism and skill quickly brought me round. He kept updating me with each design process looking for my feedback, when I suggested a change he fulfilled it perfectly all the way to the final design. He took the image in my head and pictured It perfectly and more! Can’t wait to get it done, would recommend this website to anyone whether it be for your first tattoo or your 100th!

St George Custom Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

St George Custom Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

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  1. Love this St George. Do you know we’re I could get this great image done. It’s fantastic.


    • Hi Alan, there actually should be a link on this page to purchase a digital copy of the design. Either way I have sent you an email anyway, if you can not see it let me know and I will set it up for you through email.

  2. iv been looking for a design like this for so long. Can I please have a copy of this tattoo design as im going to get my tattoo soon. Thank you (my email:

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