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World War 2 Tattoo Design

Half Sleeve & Chest World War Two Tattoo Design

I rarely get to see the finished and fully inked tattoos on my customers but it really is satisfying when you get sent excellent photos of a design you created, inked as well as this. This World War 2 tattoo design is possibly one of the most complete projects to date brilliantly tattooed by Golden Needle Tattoo with some professional photos to go with it from Mike Davis Photography.

Creating a full scene in a tattoo design is a tricky thing to do while keeping in mind the shape of the body and how it will appear when tattooed. Being a World War 2 scene only made it harder, finding good reference images of rare pictures is very difficult.

The main scene of this design was the battle of Dunkirk, the good thing about this was the large open scenes of beaches, sand dunes, sea and sky set me up to fit the rest of the features that my customer wanted included.

World War 2 Tattoo concept

Creating A War Scene Tattoo

When creating half sleeve tattoo designs I often layer features one behind the other starting with the most important feature in the centre. In this case the main feature was the well known image of people queuing on the beaches and in the sea, waiting to be rescued. I needed to leave space around this small but powerful image so as not to overcrowd it.

The other features I needed to include were an Ambulance, tank, planes and of course the boats. I decided to try to place them as naturally in the scene as possible rather than creating a clump of features one behind the other

Spitfire Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Dark, rolling clouds and anything that will convey what it must have been like to be there

World War 2 Tattoo Battle Scene

Military Medals Tattoo

Possibly my favourite part of this tattoo design was drawing the Military Medals, they were designed to be on the underside of my customers arm and I had the idea to wrap the scenery around the arm to be a background to the medals continuing the atmosphere of the battle scene.

I often explain to my customer that while I do designs very detailed it is up to the tattoo artist at the end of the day whether they will be able to fit all the details in. In this case we both agreed to do the drawing to the best of my ability and the tattoo artist could decide how best to approach them. Needless to say I was still very worried that these military medals would be far too detailed and studios would refuse to work on it.

Military Medals Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics
World War 2 Medals Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics

Inked & Photographed!

As it turned out I didn’t need to worry! Chart from Golden Needle Tattoo Phuket in Thailand did an awesome job and totally exceeded all my expectations. Not only that but professional photographer Mike from Mike Davis Photography took some awesome photos of the fully inked world war 2 tattoo.

World War 2 Tattoo Inked

Find out more about Golden Needle Tattoo’s incedible tattoo service on their website and facebook page and see more of Mike Davis’s brilliant photography on Flickr and Facebook.

A World War 2 Tattoo Design

Depicting war in any tattoo design can be a tricky subject, getting the atmosphere correct, especially when each feature has a lot of history behind it and significance. But in this case with my customers excellent feedback I think we ended up with a design we were both happy with and after recieving these excellent photos showing the incredible work this has to be probably my most complete project to date!

So chuffed with how that has turned out though! Worth every penny!

Spitfire Tattoo Design from dark design graphics
World War 2 Tattoo Design from Dark Design Graphics
World War two Tattoo Design Half Sleeve

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