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Angel and Snake Custom Tattoo Design Tattoo Idea

Tell Us Your Tattoo Ideas

Explaining your tattoo ideas to a custom tattoo designer can be a real challenge in itself. At Dark Design Graphics we get everything from one line of text telling us the general mood they want reflected in their design to pages worth of writing telling us whole stories behind their ideas. The real point of a brief is to make sure that we as designers understand the concept of your tattoo idea, whether that means a very long description or a few valuable sentences getting straight to the point.

What Information Do I Need?

In this design my customer wrote me a very thorough brief, with an explanation of the mood he wanted his design, each feature that was to be included and the reasons behind them. There really was very little left to ask him. There are a few main pieces of information that are important for any design though.

  • Size of the design – Width and Height measurements, you may often find you need more than these two measurements for example your wrist will not be the same circumference as the top of your forearm.
  • Area to be Tattooed – Which area of the body are you looking to get tattooed? This helps with the layout of the features and the shape the design will need to be.
  • Main features in your tattoo – I often tell customers to write a list of the features they want included from most important to least important. The importance of each feature helps us to plan the layout and create the main focus of your design.

Angel and Skull Tattoo Ideas from Dark Design Graphics

Of course these are not the only things that can help us gain an understanding of your tattoo idea. Reference images, examples of designs you like and your own rough sketches all help. It does not matter how bad you are at drawing, if you send us a rough sketch of an idea you have you can often cut the amount of concepts needed for the design in half.

Searching For Tattoo Ideas

Customers often explain how difficult it is to come up with ideas for their tattoos. We find that a lot of the problems come from actually searching for ‘tattoos’. For example, if you were researching the cobra for this tattoo design, it is generally best to just search for ‘cobra’ or ‘snake’. Clients get stuck searching for ‘snake tattoo’, leaving them with images of other peoples snake tattoos however poor the design may be.

Angel & Snake Tattoo Ideas Concept

Choosing A Style For Your Tattoo

Most of the customers who get in touch with Dark Design Graphics have done so after seeing one of our designs either on youtube, facebook or having found our online portfolio. This means they have already found a design they like the style of and can tell us straight away what style they want their custom tattoo design to be finished in.

Aww nailed it man! That looks awesome! The tail is perfect now, and the vines look great! Good work there fella, I can’t wait to see the finished piece.

Angel and Snake Tattoo Idea Stencil from Dark Design Graphics

What Does Your Tattoo Mean To You?

Sometimes customers tattoo ideas are based only on what they think will look good but more often than not there is a hidden meaning behind each item featured in the design. Whether the they choose to explain the meaning or not I have learnt to handle every customers request with respect. I have been asked a few times to help a customer think of a feature to include that may represent a relative who has passed away. While it definitely is not my place to to tell you what most represents that person I always ask the customer to think of the one item that will always remind them of that relative.

There are many different ways to get your tattoo ideas across and there is no one ‘correct’ way. It is going to be your tattoo design though so you need to make sure the designer can really understand what you want.

Angel Skull and Snake Tattoo Ideas from dark design graphics

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