Dec 082011

Logo Concept for W.I.S.E. Clothing from Dark Design Graphics
There are hundreds of Logo Design companies out there, all vying for your attention and competing for your custom. We are no different so we decided to explain to you, our potential clients, why Companies and Organisations often chose Dark Design Graphics over the other Graphic Design companies and Freelance designers. To see the process we go through to create your Visual Identity just have a look at our recent article How we design your Brand. So now you have seen the process involved in Logo Design but what are the benefits in choosing us.

Free Business Promotion from Dark Design Graphics – Once you are satisfied with your logo design and have implemented it onto your website and products Dark Design Graphics will write a unique article with a full description of what your business does. This is a free service providing you with free advertising and a description of how we went about creating your brand. To see our recent article for Team Branding visit Gumboots Rugby – Team Branding. Each article can create up to 150 page views per day and with a link to your website or details of how to contact you, we are providing a free promotional service.

1 Breed Logo Concepts from Dark Design Graphics

SEO Link Building from Dark Design Graphics – If you link to us, we link to you. For all reputable business and within reason Dark Design Graphics will add a link to your business website or social media page once you have linked back to us. These links appear on all our pages (apart from our home page) in the bottom right sidebar under the ‘Friends’ heading. Dark Design Graphics receives thousands of visitors per month, this figure improve monthly for each article we write and each back-link we receive. So when you help us we help you.

SOE Newcastle Logo Design from Dark Design Graphics

New Business Opportunities with Dark Design Graphics – we are always looking for the next business opportunity and like to create good working relationships with our clients and customers. Can you give us an offer we can’t refuse? Every business starts of small and has to work hard to compete with giants that are already there with Dark Design Graphics being no exception we are happy to look at your proposals and create deals that will help us both. If you are interested please email or find us through one of the many follow links on the right hand toolbar.

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